This is an ongoing fluid installation that can take different forms and fit into various venues. Let us know if you are interested in exploring this concept for something you would like to exhibit.

Meta IV
Clothing & Curiosities Shoppe

For the Annual Dia de los Muertos at SomArts Cultural Center, I have created  a life size altar installation called "Meta IV , a clothing and curiosities shoppe"  dedicated to Auntie Rose (It's not literally about her, but examines some of the sadness that I feel for her and other women who were not fully able to live their lives and define their joy. They never gave themselves permission to create a place of their own.

Cris Matos -Concept and install
Alan Mack - Concept
Sue Tom -creation of work
Sandy Hyunh - assistant and install

Meta IV attempts to deconstruct the myths and social chains that we cling to.  Between the ever present media, our peers, friends, enemies, parents, siblings, teachers and fashion, we perpetrate our  rules and regulations unconsciously, but by choice.  Those things which influence how we see the world. how we react,  and  every decision we make are represented by an item you may find in a vintage general store.  The shoppe showcases items that simplify the myths and offers solutions, humor, sarcasm and new perspectives.

One example are the burlap dresses carried in the "shoppe".  They are entitled Atonement and another is Penance, reminiscent of the "hairshirt" or ashes and sackcloth.  Guaranteed to assuage your guilty conscience and make your day as unsatisfying, if not agonizing or your money back.

Dedicated to my Auntie Rosie who has recently passed on.  She was a fashion plate and attached to guilt all her life.  I wish her joy as her spirit moves on.

Rx Prescription:
       The 4 Areas of Acknowledgement

    According to cultural anthropologists,
   everyone needs acknowledgement for:
Their Skills
  •Their Character
Their Appearance
   •Their Impact on others

   Practice, practice, practice.
    Rx Give yourself the gift of acknowledgement at least once a day.

CYNTHIA TOM              
Acknowledgements:  Many thanks to Alan Mack who helps with an ongoing conceptual brainstorm. He was the first artist awarded an artist in residence at the SF City Dump, or Sunset Scavenger Arts Program. As always Cris Matos for his vision and innovative art, not to mention his music and singing.  Rene and Rio Yanez for their efforts to put on Somarts Cultural Center's Dia de Los Muertos every year and providing us with these amazing opportunities of exploration.  Sue Tom, my mother and artist for getting my ideas and an undying collaborator.