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The Wisdom of Women.
Paintings populated with images of women and female forms explore and celebrate both the spiritual self and the importance of community. 
Cynthia breaks the stereotypical depiction of Asian women by offering viewers provocative and commanding figures.

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Explorations of the surreal, landscapes, faces and the need for spiritual space.

The Female Form as Metaphor
This gallery includes both realistic and abstract female forms..dress forms..surreal prom dresses. 
These paintings honor  the female body's varied shapes and sizes and celebrates our intuitive and creative differences.

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Anomaly in the Veil, is an evolving series exploring the implications of the Chinese Immigration experience for the women.  These paintings are interpretations of the mug shots and interrogation transcripts of Chinese women interned and interrogated on Angel Island.
This installation has been shown at various evolving stages at the M.H de Young Memorial Museum;
S.F Arts Commission Chinatown Gallery; South of Market Cultural Center-SomArts, S.F; Euphrat Museum, Sunnyvale, CA and the Koret Gallery, Palo Alto,CA.
Angel Island Chinese American  Immigration experience.
Gallery One
Gallery Two
Gallery Three
Gallery Five
Hom Shee Mock 1923
Tom Sai Mon 1923, my dad
Lee Ho 1924
Archive Portfolio
Gallery Four
Art Installations
This section is a current work in progress depicting Cynthia's new path into creating large art installations at different sites.  A great love is born.